In mathematics, the Greek letter epsilon (ε) means a small positive quantity. Thus the mathematician Paul Erdös referred to children as “epsilons.”

No matter how small a positive numberε is, the function

    \[f(x) = (1+\varepsilon)^x\]

will grow exponentially–and I believe that no matter how young a child is, they can engage with serious mathematics.

About Anna

I taught high school math in Boston and New York and have worked with students of all ages, through over a decade of teaching experience. I am now based in Madison, WI. Some current and past projects include:

  • I am involved in a mentoring and curriculum project with EducAid, a network of free schools in Sierra Leone. Materials from past EducAid math fairs are available here.
  • I led a project to create a math museum, incorporating senior capstone projects and the work of 150 students.

I am available for tutoring (locally all ages / online for college students), workshops, homeschool classes, and curriculum writing & consulting. Please contact me to discuss any projects or to just talk about math!