Interactive Multiplication

How many different ways can you think about 4 x 8? You could see 4 x 8 as (2 x 8 + 2 x 8) or (4 x 5 + 4 x 3) or (4 x 4 + 4 x 4) or … Have a look at the video demo, or try the applet yourself.

Try your own examples with the interactive multiplication applet. (You will need to use a laptop/desktop for the applet.)

  • To start, click anywhere in the grid to show the dots corresponding to a multiplication problem.
  • To highlight your thinking, click again to change the color of a dot. Or to change many dots, click-drag from corner to corner of a rectangle you want to fill with dots.
  • To reveal an answer, shift-click in the relevant space. This also writes the corresponding multiplication fact.
  • To erase an answer on the grid, shift-click on the answer. To erase a multiplication fact, click on the fact.

This is a work in progress, so please leave a comment with your feedback! I am looking forward to incorporating your suggestions.

Some More Examples

What other relationships will you discover?